Mobile-Loco: The Future of the Mobile Location Revolution

Mobile-Loco will dive into the brand, advertiser and mobile convergence in the context of the Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) marketplace — exploring what this convergence means for big brands, consumers, SMBs and the mobile and location industry. Learn from real-world successes in mobile-loco advertising, location platforms and more.

Featured Speakers
Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon Bill Gurley
General Partner, Benchmark Capital
Holger Luedorf
VP, Head of Business Development, foursquare
Andrew Vilcsak
Mobile Engineering Lead, Airbnb
Sessions Include:
  • The Disrupters: The creative destruction of traditional markets and verticals
  • The Brand Revolution: why brands will lead the future of tech innovation
  • It’s the Context, Stupid: making dollars & sense of data and the future of marketing
  • Mapping the Great Indoors: stepping into a $2.5 Billion market
  • Mobile Advertising Sucks! why and what to do about it
  • How Mobile Consumers are Eating the World: empowering consumers & reshaping pathways to purchase
  • The Future of Mobile Location Investing w/Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital
  • An Unfair Advantage: Startups Reinventing the Enterprise Market
  • The Good, Bad & Ugly of Disrupting the transportation market: Uber Fireside Chat
  • Locals Only: A New Market for Privacy, Security and Online Community
Who attends:
Why attend:
  • Come Learn: how mobile location will be monetized and leveraged across industries and verticals.
  • Find Out: what the new breed of mobile loco services &  apps is doing for brands and consumers.
  • Thought Leadership: Listen to experts, entrepreneurs, geeks & brands talk about the future of mobile location