8:00 am Registration, Continental Breakfast, Exhibits, Networking

8:30 am  Opening Remarks: Welcome to Mobile-Loco 2012

Mark Evans, Managing Director, Converge Labs

8:45 am  The Mobile Location Revolution (talk’n ’bout disruption)

Marc Prioleau, Managing Director, Prioleau Advisors

9:00 am It’s the Context, Stupid: Right Time, Right Place, Right Offer

building contextual aware technology into your product and making it work ain’t easy.What are the challenges and opportunities for creating a functional, montezible, contextual aware app that exploits the tech’s potential? What’s working today? What’s not? What does the future look like for this super smart tech and when will it’s potential be fully realized?

Moderator: Robert Gourdine, Senior Director Global Marketing, DigitalGlobe
- Damien Patton, Founder and CEO of Banjo
- Drew Breunig, Heads of Product & Strategy, PlaceIQ
- Sam Liang, CEO & Co-Founder, Alohar
- David Staas, President, JiWire, Inc

9:30 am  Fireside Chat; Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital and Cory Johnson of Bloomberg TV

Talking Loco: what’s the future of mobile location? What does it mean for the consumer, startups and investors?
Find out as we sit down with Bill Gurley, General Partner at Benchmark Capital; one of the most knowledgeable and brightest minds in VC and mobile location based services.

10:00 am Keynote: Andrew Mason, CEO, Groupon

Andrew Mason and E.B. Boyd, a conversation.

10:30 am Break

11:00 am Mobile is Eating the World (by you, the consumer)

How customers on the move are creating profitable new opportunities for businesses.

Over the course of a week, individuals visit dozens of different locations, some familiar, others that are new and unfamiliar. As they move from place to place, individuals’ needs vary, creating significant new opportunities for brands and companies tuned into customers’ locations and movements. In this session, panelists from highly successful companies will show how mainstream businesses are using location to deliver differentiated services and create profitable new revenues. The panel will demonstrate that ”location, location, location…” drives value not just in real estate but in many other businesses as well.

Moderator: Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr, GigaOm Pro Analyst
- Lee Clancy, VP, Consumer Products, Trulia
- Vishy Gopalakrishnan, VP, Global Center of Excellence – Mobility Solutions, SAP
- Chris Fagan, CEO and founder of Key Ring (Gannett company)
- Neil Crist, CEO and Founder, Venuelabs

11:30 am  Mapping the Great Indoors: The $2.5B Market Opportunity

Indoor mapping presents one of the biggest advertising and retail opportunities of the current decade. However, cracking the $2.5B market is a matter of precision…. The challenge of location based advertising has been to target with enough precision to give good context while maintaining scale. The more tightly you geo-target, the less audience you reach. How are advertisers dealing with this trade off and are they finding ways to build decent campaigns using geo-targeting? And  ”how” and “when” will indoor mapping go mainstream?

Moderator: Don Dodge, Developer Relations, Google & Google Ventures
- Cormac Conroy, VP Engineering & Product Management. Location Products & Technology, Qualcomm
- Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO & Founder, Aisle411
- Ankit Agarwal, CEO & Founder, Micello
- Joseph Huang, Co-founder and CEO, WiFiSLAM
- Dave Mathews, Founder, NewAer

12:00 pm  The Brand Revolution: Will Brands Lead the Future of Tech Innovation?

The brands are coming, the brands are coming. Over the last several years we’ve seen brands across virtually every vertical embrace social, mobile and location based services in ways never seen before. Brands such as Disney and American Express are holding brand specific hackathons and others are setting up innovation labs where they can have ongoing relationships with devs and startups. The message is clear, brands want to understand how to leverage technology to build new and exciting ways to create awareness around their products and services, engage customers and increase sales. The bottom line, there’s a concerted effort between tech and brands to accelerate the innovation and adoption process of new marketing tools. And going directly to the source of innovation rather than intermediaries seems to be the current industry trend.

Moderator: John Durham, Catalyst, SF
- Alexis Rask, VP & GM of Brand Partnerships, Shopkick
- Emily Eberhard, Head of Marketing Communications, Wildfire Interactive
- Lindsey Thomas, VP, Westfield Labs
- Marc Ruxin, CEO, TastmakerX (ex-McCann/Universal McCann)
- Alex Linde, VP, Mobile & Digital Apps, The Weather Channel (Company)


12:30 pm lunch


1:15 pm Locals Only: A New Market for Privacy, Security and Online Community

Fireside chat with  Nirav Tolia, Co-Founder and CEO, Nextdoor 

Marc Prioleau, Prioleau Advisors, sits down with Nirav Tolia to discuss how Nextdoor is creating a new social network for local communities; what are the challenges, opportunities and stories behind building a new market from scratch?

1:30 pm The Attention Economy: How Mobile is Eating the World and How Social is Eating Mobile

Mobile devices account for more than 10% of overall media consumption. The largest portion of this consists of social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare. Yet mobile accounts for less than 2% of overall media spend. With consumer attention shifting so quickly and dramatically to mobile, when will advertisers catch up? Is it just a matter of shifting media dollars? Or does mobile represent a fundamentally new marketing paradigm?

Moderator: Rob Reed, Founder and CEO of MomentFeed
- Holger Luedorf, VP, Business Development, Foursquare
- Brandon Pierce, Director of Mobile Partnerships at Facebook
- Matt Doherty, Director of Mobile & Shopper Marketing , FRWD
- Fred Neil, VP, CRM at The Home Depot

2:00 pm An Unfair Advantage; Startups Reinventing the Enterprise Market

Fireside Chat with Chris Yeh, VP of Platform at Box 

Ravi Belani, Alchemist Accelerator and Stanford lecturer, sits down with Chris Yeh, VP of Platform at Box to discuss the creative destruction of the enterprise marketplace and how young and nimble companies have an “unfair advantage” against incumbent competition…

Box is one of the fastest growing companies in enterprise software – 92% of Fortune 500 companies, more than 14 million individuals and 140,000 businesses actively use Box.

2:30 pm The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Disrupting a Traditional Market 

Fireside Chat: Ryan Graves, Head of Global Operations, Uber 

Josh Constine, TechCrunch, sits down with Ryan Graves to discuss what it’s like to disrupt the traditional transportation market; what are the challenges, opportunities and stories behind taking on this very old school vertical?

3:00 pm BREAK

3:30 pm Mobile Advertising Sucks! Why and What to Do About It

From big brands to hyper local mom and pops the challenges of location based advertising has been to target with enough precision to give some good context while maintaining some scale. The more tightly you geo-target, the less audience you reach. How are advertisers dealing with this trade off and are they finding ways to build decent campaigns using geo-targeting?

Moderator: Greg Sterling, Opus Research
- Peter Farago, VP, Marketing, Flurry
- Jeremy Geiger, CEO & Founder, Retailigence
- Michael Rubin, Executive Director, Business Development, YP
- Mike Ghaffary, VP, Business Development, Yelp

4:00 pm Zynga and the Mobile Future of Gaming

Fireside Chat with Travis Boatman, SVP, Mobile, Zynga

A.J. Glasser (Managing Editor, Inside Network) sits down with  Zynga’s head of mobile, Travis Boatman to discuss the challenges and opportunities for Zynga today and into the future and what’s new and next for the mobile gaming world.

4:30 pm The Disrupters: The Creative Destruction of Traditional Markets and Verticals

Who are the companies disrupting traditional industries with new mobile models. What is working and what are the challenges to overcoming traditional business models?

Moderator: Marc Prioleau, Prioleau Advisors
-Andrew Vilcsak, Mobile Engineering Lead, Airbnb
-Bastian Lehmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Postmates
-Rob Coneybeer, Managing Director, Shasta Ventures
-Lesley Mottla, VP, Product and Experience ZipCar
-Rujul Zaparde, CEO, FlightCar

5:00 pm Grande Pinata Smashing Giveaway

5:30 pm Cocktail Party